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Here is an exclusive unedited excerpt from Bex’s story, Book 2 of the Lovely Oblivion series! As their make-out session intensified, Aiden’s lips devoured Bex’s.  He adjusted his body above her on the couch and slid his hand under her shirt. His thumb flicked her nipple through her bra, and she moaned against his mouth. Her jean-clad hips rocked up against him. The pleasure from his touch felt wonderful. But she wanted more. She wanted him inside her. Maybe tonight would be the night. Maybe they would finally go all the way. She pulled her lips from his and cupped his face in her hands. His thick brown hair fell into his face, and his blue gaze met hers with concern. He stilled. “Are you okay?” he asked, breathless. She nodded. “My parents are gone all night. Do you wanna take this up to my room?” “Do you mean…?”  She…

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